Welcome to Najma foods. A wide range of delicious, quick and convenient halal products, perfect for any eating occasion.

Tired of Cooking? After a long day, coming home and going straight to the kitchen can be a very tiring task and time consuming. Whilst trudging around supermarkets trying to find some ready-to-eat halal foods can be equally exhausting and more than likely a myth.

At Najma foods we are dedicated to making a wide variety of great tasting ready-to-eat halal meat options available at a supermarket near you.

We have been working very hard to produce delicious products which ‘meat’ the demand of our hard working on-the-go Muslim consumers in the UK.

  • Halal certified
  • Delicious and healthy
  • Ready-to-eat/ ready-to-cook, saving you time and energy
  • Convenient and available at selected retailers (we have made it easy...check out the nearest stockist by simply entering your post code in the ‘where to buy’ section)

We know that life can get hectic and we don’t always have time to prepare meals ahead for ourselves or for our family members! Our Najma brand is committed to bringing convenient halal foods on the go.

We offer a wide range of poultry products, and other beef ones on the way. All our products are available at the chilled food aisles. Our large range includes ready-to-eat cooked chicken breast chunks (made with 100% chicken breast) and sliced meats in tasty flavours, ideal for sandwiches and healthy snacks or quick time saving additions to your stir-fries and pasta dishes.

We also have ready-to-cook products like turkey rashers to transfer your usual vegetarian breakfast to a traditional British one. Halal turkey pancetta is our latest launch, try it and tell us what you think!

Halal Food Image

Where to buy

Najma products are available from the following major supermarkets and also throughout the UK via independent retailers.