The Benefits of Eating Halal

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The Najma Foods brand takes great pride in the fact that all of our food is halal. We’re here to ensure that mainstream supermarkets offer the widest selection of halal foods possible to consumers and we also go to great lengths to get our range of chilled meats certified by relevant authorities.

In fact, all of our meats carry certification from the following organisations:

  • The Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE)
  • Halal Certification Germany (HCG)
  • Halal Food & Quality in Spain

But why do we go to such lengths to provide halal meat?

The religious aspect is only one part of it. We want to provide options to those who follow the tenets of Islam and make it easier for them to access foods.

But there are many other reasons why halal is beneficial that those who don’t follow Islam may not be aware of.

Benefit #1 – Care of the Animal

Animal welfare has become a major topic in current culture and it’s fair to say that many modern farming practices don’t take this into account. Issues of overcrowding the methods used in slaughtering the animal place animal care secondary to just getting a food product out there.

The halal method is much different to these types of farming methods. Halal dictates that all animals should be respected and treated well before they are consumed. During rearing, they are offered the space and care needed to live their lives as healthily and naturally as possible.

Even during slaughter, great care and respect are shown to the animal. No animal may be slaughtered while in the sight of other live animals. The aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible for the animals. This has health benefits too, as this lack of stress prevents the release of hormones into the animal that can affect the meat that comes from it.

Animals raised under the tenets of halal experience high levels of care.

Benefit #2 – The Health Benefits

There are a range of health benefits associated with halal that some may not be aware of.

As previously mentioned, the method used for slaughter prevents the release of harmful hormones in the animal’s body.

However, the practice of draining the blood from the carcass is also an important aspect of the process. In draining the blood from the animal, the halal method ensures the purity of the meat that you eventually consume. Importantly, it also means that there is no uric acid in the meat.

Uric acid can cause issues with your kidneys, skin, and blood. Non-halal meat often contains this acid, particularly in poultry. However, the halal method ensures that the acid gets drained completely, which means it can’t have the harmful effects that are associated with it.

On top of that, hygiene is a crucial aspect of the halal process. It’s all about ensuring there are no impurities in the meat. As a result, incidences of food poisoning and other hygiene-related issues are much lower in halal meat than they are in other types of meat.

Najma Foods offers a wide range of halal products for you to enjoy. Head to our website to learn more about our range and where you can find it at a store near you.