Keeping Your Kitchen Clean – Five Tips

Kitchen Clean Image

At Najma Foods, we can vouch for the quality of our halal chilled meats. But a dirty kitchen can make taint even the freshest of foods. Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is absolutely essential. Of course, you know that already. What we’re going to do here is share a few tips that may make […]

Why Turkey Bacon is a Better Choice Than Pork Bacon

Turkey Bacon

Among the many halal chilled meats on offer from Najma Foods, you may have noticed our Turkey Rashers. From a halal perspective, it’s obvious why we’ve created a turkey-based bacon. Pork is haram, which means it is not permissible for consumption. However, those who don’t restrict themselves to a halal diet may be interested to […]

The Four Key Rules for Cooking Meat

Beef Image

There are so many ways you can use the halal chilled meats that Najma Foods provides. If you can’t wait for another second to get some food inside your belly, there’s nothing stopping from your eating the meat straight out of the packet. I mean, we recommend making a sandwich or something, but the point […]

Halal Party Planning – The Three Things You Need to Do

The holiday season’s coming and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to arrange a party. Even if you’re not celebrating Christmas, there are plenty of times throughout the year when you’ll want to get people together and share a celebration. Birthdays, weddings, Eid, there are just so many opportunities to have a party. […]

The Struggle is Real – Five Problems You’ll Face When Eating at a Non-Halal Restaurant

Beef Image

So you’ve gotten together with a group of friends and you’re all heading out to eat. There’s only one little problem. They’ve chosen a restaurant that’s not exclusively halal. That means you’re going to have to create a plan if you’re going to enjoy a good meal instead of sitting there with nothing on your […]

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