Sunday Brunch Ideas

Sunday Brunch Ideas Najma Foods

Sunday mornings in my house are made for pancakes drowned in maple syrup and topped with icing sugar! This week however, we decided to switch things up a bit and have a full fat fry-up. Eggs, chorizo, turkey rashers, halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, everythaaaang. We went all out, all thanks to Najma Foods for sending me lots of goodies.  I decided to […]

How Chilled Halal Foods Make It Easier For Millennial Muslims to Shop in Mainstream Supermarkets

Halal Chilled Foods

A surge of demand from millennial Muslims has triggered sweeping changes in the halal sector. Previously seen as specialty foods by many mainstream establishments, halal products have been an increasingly visible presence in supermarkets over the last few years. Today, most stores dedicate some of their shelving space to halal foods, offering more choice to […]

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