Buying Your Groceries During a Global Pandemic – The Essential Tips

Supermarket Image

It’s a crazy world that we’re living in at the moment. In just a matter of months, we’ve gone from having the freedom to pop to the supermarket whenever we want to being in a state of lockdown. The government’s telling you to only go outside when it’s absolutely necessary. Thankfully, grocery shopping falls into […]

Get Rid of the Bacteria – How to Keep Your Kitchen (And Home) Spotless and Ready for Cooking

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There’s a lot to worry about in the world right now… With the novel coronavirus causing all sorts of issues, the onus is on you to maintain good hygiene. After all, you have a family to consider. You need to protect them as well as yourself. And while we won’t claim to be authorities on […]

What You Need to Know to Create the Perfect Panini

Panini Image

We’ve already told you what you need to do to create the perfect sandwich. You’ve mastered the art of stacking ingredients within two slices of bread in such a way that you get a taste explosion without causing the bread to get all soggy. We’ve made that sound more complicated than it really is, haven’t […]

A Flavour Upgrade – These are the Condiments That Your Sandwich Needs

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So, you’ve had a browse of the many halal chilled meats that we offer at Najma Foods and you’ve made a few selections. You’ve made some good choices so far. Our meats are succulent and tasty all on their own. And we can bet that your mouth’s already watering at the prospect of making a […]

The Rules for the Dinner Table (That Turn Dinner Into a Family Event)

Dinner Table Image

Let’s be honest… Dinner can be a bit of a chaotic event at the best of times. You could spend ages trying to corral your family to the table in the first place. And when you do, nobody seems to be all that engaged with the rest of the family. The kids have their faces […]

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