The Goals of the Najma Foods Range

Picture the scene. You’ve just finished a long hard day at work and you’ve finally made your way back home. The train journey was a nightmare and the very last thing that you want to do is fire up the oven and spend hours slaving over a meal. You need something quick and easy that […]

The Benefits of Eating Halal

Halal Food and Quality Logo

The Najma Foods brand takes great pride in the fact that all of our food is halal. We’re here to ensure that mainstream supermarkets offer the widest selection of halal foods possible to consumers and we also go to great lengths to get our range of chilled meats certified by relevant authorities. In fact, all […]

Some Mocktail Recipes for Drinking with Our Tapas Collection

Many people will tell you that cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to a tapas-style meal. Others may argue that red wine or sangria are the perfect choices. But there’s a problem with all of those drinks. Each contains alcohol, which means that you can’t drink them with a halal meal. When it comes to the […]

Four Reasons to Love Tapas

If you’ve taken a moment to peruse our products, you’ll have noticed that we offer a Tapas selection of meats. Tapas is less a meal as it is a type of meal. Typically, it involves serving small portions of various foods alongside each other. Those eating then pick and choose several dishes to eat. It […]

Tips for Storing Chilled Meat Safely

Halal Food Image

Here at Najma Foods, we offer a wide range of chilled meat products that go well with all sorts of meal ideas. But we also know that many of you won’t eat every bit of meat in the package right away. Eating an entire chorizo during the course of a night may be a bit […]

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