What do you Need to Know About Najma’s Chorizo?

Spanish Turkey Chorizo Nov 17

Who doesn’t love a nice bit of spicy sausage? That’s exactly what you get when you buy Najma Food’s Chorizo. There’s a lot of meat to go around with this product, which makes it perfect for everything from sandwiches through to Tapas. But what do you really need to know about our Chorizo? Here are […]

The Three Kitchen Hacks That You Need to Know

Kitchen Image

Do you hate spending time in the kitchen? If you just answered with a resounding “Yes!” you’re not alone. The simple fact is that there are thousands of people who can’t stand being in the kitchen. After all, you don’t want to spend hours slaving away over a hot stove when you’ve just gotten home […]

Reading the Food Label – How You Know What You’re Getting?

What do the labels on your food really tell you? It’s an important question if you want to maintain control over your diet. On the general level, watching what you eat can improve your health. You can ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs and that you avoid putting on weight. For those who […]

The Perfect Sandwich – You Won’t Make it if You Make These Mistakes

Perfect Sandwich Image

The halal chilled meats we offer at Najma Foods are absolutely perfect for making an amazing sandwich. But you’re not going to get the most out of that glorious mix of bread and meat if you’re making mistakes along the way. Not getting good quality ingredients is the first mistake that many make. Thankfully, you […]

Hold the Perfect Barbecue – The Big Tips You Need to Know

Barbecue Picture

Summer’s finally here. But let’s face it. You live in Britain, which means there are precious few weekends when the weather’s actually warm enough for you to hold a barbecue. That means you’ve got to grab the opportunity whenever the sun decides to shine down. You’ve already grabbed all of the food you need. There […]

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