Six Interesting Facts About Halal

How the Halal Economy is growing - Najma Foods

As many of you know, every chilled meat that Najma Foods produces carries halal certification from a number of organisations. We aim to provide you with halal foods that not only meet all current regulations but also taste absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about halal that have been allowed to spread in the […]

Why is Smoking Food a Good Idea?

Turkey Bacon

Take a look at the range of chilled meats on offer in the Najma store and you’ll notice our Halal Sliced Smoked Turkey Rashers. As well as using turkey instead or pork for the bacon, thus ensuring the meats are halal, we smoke them for a number of reasons. Why, you ask? Here are just a […]

The Importance of the Classic Family Meal

Chicken Picture

At Najma Foods, we have a great passion for providing our customers with the best quality halal meat products on the market. We also work tirelessly to bring our products to mainstream stores so that you never have to spend an eternity searching for great foods. But we also love the very concept of our […]

The Goals of the Najma Foods Range

Picture the scene. You’ve just finished a long hard day at work and you’ve finally made your way back home. The train journey was a nightmare and the very last thing that you want to do is fire up the oven and spend hours slaving over a meal. You need something quick and easy that […]

The Benefits of Eating Halal

Halal Food and Quality Logo

The Najma Foods brand takes great pride in the fact that all of our food is halal. We’re here to ensure that mainstream supermarkets offer the widest selection of halal foods possible to consumers and we also go to great lengths to get our range of chilled meats certified by relevant authorities. In fact, all […]

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