Halal Party Planning – The Three Things You Need to Do

The holiday season’s coming and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to arrange a party. Even if you’re not celebrating Christmas, there are plenty of times throughout the year when you’ll want to get people together and share a celebration. Birthdays, weddings, Eid, there are just so many opportunities to have a party. […]

The Struggle is Real – Five Problems You’ll Face When Eating at a Non-Halal Restaurant

Beef Image

So you’ve gotten together with a group of friends and you’re all heading out to eat. There’s only one little problem. They’ve chosen a restaurant that’s not exclusively halal. That means you’re going to have to create a plan if you’re going to enjoy a good meal instead of sitting there with nothing on your […]

Four Awesome Ways For You to Use Salami

So you’ve had a look through the Najma range and our Spanish Turkey Salami has caught your eye. You probably already have a few serving ideas floating through your head. Our salami makes for a great sandwich filling and it also works well as part of a tapas-style meal. Those are both great ideas, but […]

The Differences Between Halal and Kosher

To the outside observer, it may seem like halal and kosher are the same thing, particularly when it comes to diet. In both cases, those following these laws must restrict their diets. Both also famously require the eater to stay away from all foods derived from pigs. However, there are some differences between the two […]

Making the Perfect Sandwich: Three Tips That Will Turn a Standard Sandwich into a Taste Sensation

Najma Halal Wafer Thin Turkey with Herbs

A sandwich is probably the easiest dish that you’re ever going to make. You just need a couple of slices of bread and one of the Najma Foods halal chilled meats and you’re good to go. But let’s be honest. That can get a bit boring after a while. There are sandwiches and then there […]

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