Time Saving Tips for Meal Creation

Najma Product Selection

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have as much time as we’d like to have. After finishing work and taking care of all of the little bits and pieces that complicate out lives, the idea of spending hours in the kitchen just doesn’t appeal. But you don’t want to buy takeout every day. That […]

The Reasons Why You Need Habanero in Your Life Right Now

While you browse the Najma range of halal chilled meats, you’ll likely spot our Habanero-style chicken. A little further reading will tell you that we’ve used the Habanero pepper to season the chicken. And that means it has a spiciness that you’re not going to find with any other chilled meat in the Najma range. […]

Tips for Handling Meat (To Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe)

Beef Image

Any one of Najma Food’s halal chilled meats makes for a great addition to your meal. However, it’s crucial that you stay safe when handling any type of animal product. Improper handling can lead to contamination and the spread of bacteria that could cause harm. We make every effort possible to ensure you get a […]

Four Tips for Throwing a Tapas Party

Do you need a little bit of inspiration for the next time you get a group of your friends together? Why not throw a tapas party? You can already get an awesome selection of tapas meats from Najma Foods. And that means you’ve taken your first step already. But what’s that? You’re not sure where […]

Ingredients to Look for That May Make a Food Haram

Halal Food and Quality Logo

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out if a food is halal. Sure, you’ll look for certification to tell you, such as those present on all of our halal chilled meats. But there are times when a food may seem like it’s halal, yet it doesn’t have a certification attached to it. Are such foods safe […]

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