Four Reasons to Love Tapas

If you’ve taken a moment to peruse our products, you’ll have noticed that we offer a Tapas selection of meats. Tapas is less a meal as it is a type of meal. Typically, it involves serving small portions of various foods alongside each other. Those eating then pick and choose several dishes to eat. It […]

Tips for Storing Chilled Meat Safely

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Here at Najma Foods, we offer a wide range of chilled meat products that go well with all sorts of meal ideas. But we also know that many of you won’t eat every bit of meat in the package right away. Eating an entire chorizo during the course of a night may be a bit […]

What is Pancetta?

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Ah, Italy. If there’s one country in the entire world that’s known for its pure love and devotion towards great food, it’s Italy. Some of the most wonderful and widespread culinary experiences you’ll even enjoy have an Italian origin. If you’ve ever enjoyed pasta, spaghetti, or a pizza, then you have Italy to thank for […]

Tips for Finding Halal Foods Abroad

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While we provide a great range of chilled halal meats, which are available in several mainstream supermarkets, we also realise that you won’t always have access to our products. When you travel abroad, you’re going to need to find another source of good halal food. We want to ensure you stay halal on your travels, […]

Why We Love Parsley

Wafer thin Turkey with herbs Nov 17

We use all sorts of extra ingredients to give our range of halal chilled foods a little extra kick. If you’re a fan of our Wafer Thin Turkey with Herbs, you’ll have noticed that we use a lot of parsley to give the turkey a unique taste. So, why did we choose parsley as the […]