Who Are the Halal Food Council of Europe?


At Najma Foods, we take great pride in our fastidiousness and dedication to offering quality halal products to our customers. To aid us in our efforts, we ensure that the foods we create abide by the regulations put in place by various certifying bodies in Europe, including the Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE). You […]

Halal Certification – A Brief History

Today, you can walk into almost any supermarket and see halal products lining the shelves. It’s easier than ever before to eat halal foods as a Muslim living in a western country. However, that hasn’t always been the case. We recently spoke about how times have changed over the past half a century in regards […]

Five Great Serving Ideas for Pâté

If you’ve taken a moment to browse our products, you will see that we offer a delectable halal chicken pâté that we are absolutely sure that you are going to love. Pâté is one of the more versatile foodstuffs, and there are all sorts of ways that you can serve it, each of which offers […]

How Times Have Changed From 50 Years Ago to Now in Terms of Obtaining Halal Food

Obtaining Halal Food

There has been a shift in the halal food sector over the last few decades. What was once a marginalised and little-understood sector has now become increasingly popular. There are several drivers for this. Increased demand from a growing Muslim population in the UK certainly plays a large part. However, increased understanding of halal and […]

How The Halal Economy Continues to Grow

How the Halal Economy is growing - Najma Foods

The continued growth of the halal economy has been remarkable to see in recent years. Today, most estimates place the value of the global halal sector at over $3.6 trillion (£2.7 trillion). In the UK, halal has offered a £1 billion boon to the economy, with UK Muslims contributing over £31 billion to the UK […]

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