A Couple of Simple Chicken Breast Recipes to Try

Grilled Chicken Breast

At Najma Foods, we’re all about offering convenient chilled Halal meat products that also taste great. You can use all of our products to create healthy and nutritious meals. Best of all, you can eat them right out of the packet. You don’t need to handle any preparation because we’ve done it all for you. […]

Why Does Your Body Need Protein?

Grilled Chicken Breast

Here at Najma Foods, we specialise in chilled meats. From beef to poultry, all of our chilled meat products come packed with protein. Take our Halal Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet as a great example. One 120g fillet packs a whopping 25g of protein. That’s about half of your recommended daily requirement. So, why are we […]

Who Are Halal Food and Quality in Spain?

Halal Food and Quality Logo

If you’ve spent a little time browsing the Najma Foods website, you may have noticed that our chilled meats have several halal certifications from organisations throughout Europe. One of those is the Halal Food and Quality certification. Based in Spain, the group applies rigorous standards to any meats that it examines to ensure that they […]

Some Surprising Nutritional Benefits of Eating Beef

Beef Image

If you take a moment to browse the Najma product line, you’ll notice that we predominantly focus on turkey and chicken products. However, we intend on bringing other meats into our range very soon. One of those meats is beef, which has been a staple of the halal diet for centuries. In looking forward to […]

The Big Health Benefits of Grilling

Grilled Chicken Breast

If you’ve been keeping track of the Najma Foods product line, you may have noticed that we have recently added a Grilled Chicken Breast to our range of chilled halal food products. Najma Foods always aims to provide the healthiest chilled meats available, so we thought we’d talk a little bit about why we used […]