The Biggest Misconceptions About Halal Food

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In recent years, halal foods have risen past the point of being niche products. They now find themselves firmly entrenched within the mainstream. Nevertheless, there are still many misconceptions surrounding these foods. Many people have heard misinformation, which they carry with them to the point where they may refuse to purchase halal products. The purpose […]

The Reasons Why You Should Eat More Turkey

Wafer thin Turkey with herbs Nov 17

As you can see if you take a moment to browse our product range, Najma sells several halal chilled foods that include turkey as the main ingredient. For halal shoppers, turkey is one of the most versatile meats around. As well as eating it in its natural form, you can use turkey as a pork […]

The Amazing Benefits of Eating Chicken

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Here at Najma, several of our halal chilled food products contain chicken. Often considered one of the healthiest meats available, chicken offers an array of benefits, leading to it being a staple in many people’s diets. It’s delicious and nutritious, so here are a few of the great benefits of eating more chicken. It Builds […]

The Interesting History of Chorizo

If you take a moment to browse our products, you’ll notice that we offer a halal Spanish sliced chorizo that’s hard to beat. We’ve taken this famous Spanish sausage and applied the halal principles to it so that we can bring you one of the finest meats that the Mediterranean has to offer. Chorizo is […]

Who Are the Halal Food Council of Europe?


At Najma Foods, we take great pride in our fastidiousness and dedication to offering quality halal products to our customers. To aid us in our efforts, we ensure that the foods we create abide by the regulations put in place by various certifying bodies in Europe, including the Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE). You […]