A Few Chorizo Recipes to Whet Your Appetite

At Najma Foods, we offer a tasty halal Spanish Turkey Chorizo that can really add a kick to any dish.

Of course, you can eat it in sandwiches or as part of a tapas experience. But we’ve decided to dig a little deeper than that and take a look at a few little ideas that you can incorporate our chilled chorizo meat into.

Remember that you don’t have to eat out chorizo from chilled. You can also cook it. With that in mind, here are a couple of good ideas for you to use next time you fancy a little chorizo.

Idea #1 – A Spanish Breakfast

We love this idea just because it’s so simple to make. Grab a few slices of chorizo and chop them up. Chuck them in a pan with a few chopped peppers and you have the base of your Spanish breakfast.

After that just fry an egg or two and pop them on top of your chorizo and pepper base. Voila! You have a tasty breakfast that also packs plenty of protein, nutrients, and vitamins to help you get your day started with a bang.

Idea #2 – Seared Cod With Chorizo Hobo Packs

This is a clever idea from the guys at It’s also a simple one to make.

You’ll need some cod fillets, which you’ll sear in a pan. For those who might be wondering, cod is indeed halal as the fish has scales.

As for the hobo packs, you’re looking to pack some chorizo in with a few potatoes. Wrap them in tin foil and pop them in the oven for a while. You can also sprinkle a few herbs and spices into the mix to give the potatoes that extra bit of flavour.

You end up with a tasty chunk of cod alongside your potato and chorizo pack. It’s perfect for an evening meal as you get all of the healthy fats of cod alongside plenty of other good nutrients.

Idea #3 – Chorizo Wraps

The humble wrap is a staple of many diets and you have so many options when it comes to using chorizo.

We’re not going to go into too much detail about the ingredients you can use here. The joy of wraps is that they’re customisable enough for you to use pretty much anything that you want. We will say that we’re partial to a chorizo and fried egg wrap though. These two foods just seem to go together so well.

Idea #4 – Pasta With Chorizo and Chickpeas

It can sometimes be difficult to inject a bit of flavour into a basic pasta dish. Throwing some chorizo into the mix adds an element of spiciness to the dish.

The chickpeas also play an important role as they temper the spiciness. Better yet, they offer plenty of protein as well as fibre.

The Final Word

There you have it. Four meal ideas that you can make using Najma Food’s Spanish Turkey Chorizo.

Do you have any more ideas? We’d love to hear from you about any other recipes you’ve made using our chilled meat range.