The Eight BBQ Cooking Tips That You Need This Summer

Barbecue Picture

With lockdown restrictions slowly getting relaxed and summer coming on in full force, there’s only one thing on your mind – holding a BBQ.

You want to have your own little meat festival with your family and you need to make it an even to remember. Now sure, you could just throw a little meat onto a grill and call it a day. But if you want your BBQ to really kick, you need a few helpful tips to ensure your food comes out tastier than ever.

These are the tips that will help you level up your BBQ game.

Tip #1 – Stay Away From Store-Bought Logs

If you’re going for the wood-fire effect, popping to the store to grab a few logs seems like the best route to go. It’s certainly the easiest as you can just grab a bag and go.

The problem with this type of wood is that it’s made for the lowest common denominator. Manufacturers kiln-dry the wood, which makes it really easy to set fire to it. However, it also means that the wood burns up so quickly that you can barely get any smoke out of it. You’ll probably need most of the bag just to cook a few bits and pieces.

You can tell if a piece of wood isn’t going to be great for the job if it feels unnaturally light in your hands. It’s better to chop your own or source wood from somebody who chops it for themselves.

Tip #2 – Get Your Veggies Right

With all of the meat getting chucked onto the grill, it’s tempting to forget that it’s a good idea to have a few veggies along with your meal.

The best way to BBQ vegetables is to slice them thinly and sear them on the grill quickly. You don’t need any seasoning or oils before you cook. Just slice them up and lightly grill them. You can always drizzle the veggies in oil or vinegar afterwards.

Tip #3 – Don’t Go the Disposable Route

Again, this is a case of convenience over quality. If you’re just looking to start a quick BBQ on the beach or at a campsite, a disposable BBQ will do the job. But if you actual want great results from your cooking, they’re just not fit for purpose.

Disposable BBQs don’t generate an even level of heat, which can lead to problems with your meat. They also don’t last especially long and can’t hold all that many things on them. You’ll likely need to go through a few before you wrap up the BBQ and the results won’t be that great.

Tip #4 – Clean the BBQ

It’s tempting to assume that your BBQ doesn’t need much cleaning. You just throw your meat on and let it handle itself. But eventually, that grill’s going to collect some gunk.

Don’t let that happen.

Use a specialised BBQ cooking cleaner to get rid of all of the gunk that can gather in your BBQ. Ideally, you’ll do this right after you’ve finished cooking so the BBQ is ready for the next session. If you’ve forgotten, try to clean the day before you have your BBQ, else you may end up with meat absorbing some chemicals.

Tip #5 – Avoid the Lighter Fuel Flavour

There’s nothing wrong with using a little bit of lighter fuel to get your fire going. The problem comes if you try to BBQ your meats while that lighter-fuelled fire is still blazing. The issue here is that the fuel hasn’t fully burned up yet, which means the flames will transmit it into your food.

Allow the fire to burn out completely before you start cooking. You’re looking for your charcoal or wood to take on an ashen colour with the searing red embers glowing underneath. That’s when it’s safe to start cooking your meats.

Tip #6 – Use the Heat Test to Figure Out If You Have the Right Temperature

A thermometer isn’t going to do the trick here as you don’t want to be pushing glass into embers.

The best trick here is to use your hand. Hold it about 12cm over the grill and see how long you can keep it there comfortably.

If you can hold your hand over the grill for 6 seconds or more, you have a low heat. 4 seconds means medium heat, with 2 seconds meaning high heat. Of course, you need to exercise some discretion here. Don’t hold your hand over open flames and don’t use this technique if you feel uncomfortable.

Tip #7 – Precooking Can Go A Long Way

We know that you want to BBQ everything you have but there are some things that benefit from a little bit of precooking.

Take sausages as an example. Poach them in stock until they’re cooked and then pop them onto the BBQ until they go a golden colour. This way, the sausages keep their juiciness while still having that that BBQ taste that you want so much.

Tip #8 – Coat The Grill

You wouldn’t throw your meats onto a regular grill without using a bit of cooking oil.

So…why are you doing it with your BBQ?

Coat the grill with oil using either a brush or spray. Then, put it in place and close the lid of your BBQ for about 20 minutes while maintaining a low heat. That should give the oil plenty of time to bed in, making the BBQ perfect for cooking your meats.

The Final Word

There’s nothing better than a good BBQ in the heat of summer. With these tips, you’ll ensure that you end up with the tastiest meats around, which we’re sure you and your family will love.

Now, you’ve just got to get your hands on some meats.

Going fresh is likely the way to go, but our halal chilled meats may also be suitable for your BBQ. Many of them benefit from recooking, so grab some today and test them out the next time you fire up the grill.