A Flavour Upgrade – These are the Condiments That Your Sandwich Needs

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So, you’ve had a browse of the many halal chilled meats that we offer at Najma Foods and you’ve made a few selections.

You’ve made some good choices so far. Our meats are succulent and tasty all on their own. And we can bet that your mouth’s already watering at the prospect of making a sandwich and getting to enjoy that complete rush of flavour as you take the first bite.

But hold on just a moment before you rush into the kitchen.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with eating your sandwich with meat alone, and you’ll definitely enjoy it, we think that you may want to add just a little extra to the meal.

We think that you need to have a few condiments at the ready to give your sandwich a major flavour upgrade.

The question is…which condiment should you choose?

That’s where this article comes in. We’re going to take a look at a few of the condiments that we believe will make your sandwich really come to life. And there are a few here that you may not expect to see on the list.

Condiment #1 – Salad Cream

Right away, we know what you’re thinking!

Why on Earth would you put salad cream on a sandwich? We all know what this condiment is meant to be for. The clue is right there in the name.

But hear us out for just a second.

Salad cream makes an excellent sandwich condiment, as long as you use it in the right circumstances.

We don’t recommend just spread this particular sauce all over your meats. Instead, add a layer of cheese on top of the meat and then use the sauce. Of course, a layer of lettuce will also add to the overall package.

Salad cream isn’t a natural choice when it comes to making sandwiches. But after you experience that first mouthful, with our recommendations in mind, you may well start to think that it’s the right choice!

Condiment #2 – Ketchup

We can’t go too far into a list like this without hitting on the classic condiment that’s amongst the most popular in the world.

A good dollop of ketchup seems to go with almost everything. The tangy tomato goodness always adds a solid burst of flavour, and that goes double for your sandwich.

In this case, we recommend using the ketchup without many of the other trimmings. For example, you may not want to use it if you’ve already added slices of tomato to your sandwich. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a tomato overload.

Ketchup’s great when you just want something quick and easy to spread all over your meat. Every kitchen should have a bottle squirrelled away somewhere.

…And we’re not even going to think about getting involved in the whole cupboard or fridge debate!

Condiment #3 – Sriracha Mayonnaise

Now, we could have just gone with the standard mayonnaise here and we’re sure that many of you would be happy with that. The eggy goodness of mayo is a perfectly fine topping, especially if you’re adding a bit of salad to your sandwich.

But instead…we want to go with something that has a little more bite.

Sriracha mayonnaise fits the bill perfectly. This type of mayo offers an interesting complement of flavours that will make every bite of your sandwich interesting.

Of course, you have the fairly chilled taste of the mayo. However, the Sriracha adds notes of spice and garlic into the mix, which makes it a must-have for anybody who likes a touch of hotness with their sandwich.

This may not be the easiest condiment to find in your local supermarket. But with a bit of searching, you’ll be able to get your hands on it. And we’re sure that you won’t regret it.

Condiment #4 – Chutney

Another classic, this is the condiment to go for if you want to add a layer of spice to your meal.

Not only are you getting that spicy kick, but you’re also getting the added flavour that comes with adding fruits and vegetables to your sandwich. We particularly recommend this with a chicken sandwich, as it can spark some extra life in a meat that, though awesome, can also get a little boring if you eat a lot of it.

The great thing about chutney is that you can make your own, if you have the skills. Grab some seasonal fruits and veg and you can create sandwiches that have their own unique little kick to them.

Of course, if you’re not interested in getting your hands dirty, you can always just use a store-bought chutney for the sandwich.

Condiment #5 – Natural Mustard

Note the use of the word “natural” here.

A lot of the mustards that you’ll find in stores have a lot of unnatural ingredients in them. That distinctive yellow colouring that you see more mustards sport is a great example. This isn’t the natural colour of a condiment made using mustard seeds. Instead, it’s a little bit of something that the manufacturers add to make the sauce seem a little more appealing.

With natural mustard, you get a much duller colour, for sure. You may even see a few mustard seeds sprinkled in the sauce. However, you’re also getting the purest form of mustard that you can find. The sauce has a much stronger kick and we’d argue that it’s probably better for you.

Combine this with ketchup and you have a flavour explosion that you’ll practically want to thank yourself for creating.

The Final Word

Of course, we’ve only covered a few of the many, many, condiments that are out there.

But we hope that we’ve also exposed you to a few condiments that you may not have thought about using, or may not have even known existed, before.

Now, you just need to get your hands on some meat to fill up your sandwich. Check out our store locator today to find out where you can get your hands on Najma Foods’ range of halal chilled meats.