Four Reasons to Love Tapas

If you’ve taken a moment to peruse our products, you’ll have noticed that we offer a Tapas selection of meats.

Tapas is less a meal as it is a type of meal. Typically, it involves serving small portions of various foods alongside each other. Those eating then pick and choose several dishes to eat.

It finds its origins in Spain, where restaurants and bars will typically serve a small Tapas selection of meats and foods alongside drinks. However, it’s become an increasingly popular meal type in the UK and elsewhere over the last couple of years.

And we love it!

You don’t have to go to a restaurant to eat in the Tapas style either. You can do it at home using the Najma food products.

Here are four reasons why we love Tapas.

There’s So Much Variety

The Tapas selection that we offer is by no means a definite Tapas meal. Instead, you can consider it something of a starter pack for Tapas beginners.

The truth is that you can serve any dish as part of a Tapas-style meal. The key is to keep the portions small enough so that one dish isn’t enough to leave somebody feeling completely full up. The joy of Tapas is the ability to sample a variety of different foods at the same time.

You could make a Tapas dish out of practically any of the chilled meats offered by us. You can also mix and match them with other foods to create a gorgeous Tapas-style feast. The only real limits are the portion sizes and your imagination.

It Encourages Sharing

With so many small dishes on the table, there’s almost no way to eat a Tapas-style meal without sharing with those around you.

And that’s why we love it.

Eating Tapas means building bonds with the people around you. You’re not all just focused on one dish a piece. Instead, you’re passing plates around and constantly taking and sharing the foods that you eat.

Tapas is a great way to bring people together, which makes it ideal for meals with friends and family members.

The Holiday Feeling

It’s a strange phenomenon, but you’ll really feel it when you eat Tapas.

Once you’re in the routine of serving regular meals, you lose any special feeling that you have during mealtimes.

Tapas is different. It mixes things up a little bit and actually feels like the sort of meal that you would eat while on a holiday in Spain. That combination of the social aspect and the novelty of the meal type create a sort of holiday feeling that you’ll love spreading through your home.

You Don’t Have to Drink Alcohol

Some will argue that you can only truly experience a Tapas-style meal if you drink sangria, cocktails, and red wine.

That’s definitely not the case. The drinks are very much secondary to the meal itself.

Plus, you can emulate them without having to drink any alcohol. Consider creating a couple of mocktails. These are cocktails that contain no alcohol while keeping all of the great taste. There are plenty of recipes for them online. And who knows? Perhaps will feature a couple of our own on the Najma site soon.

That’s why we absolutely adore Tapas. And we think you’ll feel the same when you give the meal type a try. Start yourself off with our Tapas Selection and then explore the many dishes that you can make as part of this meal.