Four Tips for Throwing a Tapas Party

Do you need a little bit of inspiration for the next time you get a group of your friends together?

Why not throw a tapas party? You can already get an awesome selection of tapas meats from Najma Foods. And that means you’ve taken your first step already.

But what’s that? You’re not sure where to go from here?

It’s true that getting an awesome selection of halal tapas meats is only the first step towards throwing a great tapas party. And with these tips, you’ll finish the job and have an awesome time.

Tip #1 – Get the Invitations Out

What does a tapas party invitation say?

Well, you’ve got the time, date, and all of the other stuff that goes on a regular party invite. But we recommend going a step further and talking about the different foods you’ll have at the party. Maybe you can even make up a few Spanish mocktails and serve them up to your guests.

Keep it light and breezy, just like the tapas itself.

Tip #2 – Serve How You Want to

How do you serve your tapas?

Do you have everyone sit down at tables and serve them like that? Or, do you just put out a buffet spread of tapas delights and let everybody have at them?

The real answer is that you can serve your tapas however you like.

At Najma Foods, we like to do it in the buffet style broken down into stages. So, we’ll put a few foods out for everybody to pick at as they see fit. That’s the first course. Then, we’ll put out another course, followed by a little dessert selection.

That’s a great way to do it, especially if the party’s going to last a while. Plus, it prevents foods from going a little stale as they might if you put them all out at once and leave them for several hours.

Tip #3 – Get the Music Right

We suppose you could blast that heavy metal playlist that you love so much.

But it’s not really going to set the tapas mood, is it?

Go for something that’s a little more chilled out. If it includes Spanish flamenco guitars then you’re onto a winner.

You don’t even have to spend hours looking for different tracks. If you have Spotify or any similar apps, there are sure to be a few ready-made playlists that you can dip into.

Tip #4 – Find the Right Foods

The awesome thing about tapas is that you can get as creative as you like with your food selections.

You can serve a bunch of different meats alongside some vegetable dishes. Basically, if it’s something that’s shareable and easy, it can go on the menu.

And the best news is that Najma Foods can help you to get started. In fact, we have an amazing tapas selection that’s ready to go. Plus, we offer a variety of other halal chilled meats to add to your tapas party.

Check our store locator today to find out where you can buy our chilled meats today.