Who Are the Halal Food Council of Europe?


At Najma Foods, we take great pride in our fastidiousness and dedication to offering quality halal products to our customers. To aid us in our efforts, we ensure that the foods we create abide by the regulations put in place by various certifying bodies in Europe, including the Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE).

You may have never heard of this organisation before, so we’re going to help you understand who they are, and what they do.

Who Are They?

Founded in 2010, the HFCE is one of Europe’s newer halal certifying bodies, but the organisation has quickly placed its stamp on the halal industry. Registered in Brussels, Belgium, which you will also recognise as being home to the headquarters of the European Union, the HFCE both oversees various halal food producers, and contributes to scientific research in the halal field.

Its mission is fairly simple. The HFCE wishes to promote the concept of halal food, so that consumers have more information about what halal is, and why those who follow Islam abide by the halal rules. It also wants to ensure that halal foods are as readily available as possible, which is where the HFCE’s goals correlate well with our own. Finally, the HFCE also acts as a sort of point of contact for consumers who have halal-related questions.

What Does it Do?

The HFCE works in various areas of the halal industry, meaning it is much more than a certifying body. Its experts often supervise the production of halal foods, both to ensure accurate certification, and to help new halal producers understand the standards that they must meet to have their foods classified as halal.

As mentioned, the HFCE also takes part in research and educational activities related to halal. This includes several activities, such as chairing discussions on the subject, publishing information about halal in relevant publications, and working alongside several Islamic Scholars to ensure its own standards are correct.

Informing consumers of what halal really is also plays a large role in what the HFCE does. The organisation maintains a website (, where you can find lots of information about its work. Furthermore, it works with many schools, governmental bodies, and companies, to help them understand the guiding principles of halal.

What is HFCE Certification?

The HFCE’s certification program is among the most respected in Europe, so you can feel sure that the foods that you eat meet very strict standards if you see the HFCE label on them.

The certification itself demonstrates a producer’s expertise and ability to apply halal principles at every stage of the production process. This includes the use of the correct ingredients, slaughtering methods, and hygiene procedures.

In return for undergoing the certification process, organisations benefit from being able to use the HFCE’s seal on their products. Furthermore, they receive help in complying not only with halal standards, but also many of the safety and quality standards in Europe. These include the likes of ISO and HACCP.

As a result, you can feel confident that foods with the HFCE certification are both halal, and of a very high quality.