Keeping Food Fresh for Longer – The Little Hacks That Make Food Go A Long Way

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You finally managed to get some shopping in last week. The cupboards are full, there’s plenty of fresh food in the house, and the fruit bowl’s looking as appetising as it ever was.

But it’s a few days later now and you’re starting to panic. So much of this fresh food hasn’t been eaten by anybody. You’re going to have to get the family on a mission to eat it all before you lose it forever.

It doesn’t work.

You a day or two later, you glance over at the fruit bowl to see bruised bananas and fruit that’s gone off. Once again, you’re tipping food that was perfectly fine just a few short days ago down the bin.

We’ve all been there.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your fresh foods last a little longer, especially today when it’s a little more difficult to get your groceries?

That’s what we’re here for. In this article, we share some of the hacks that will help you to keep your food fresher for longer.

Hack #1 – Put Paper Towels in With Your Salad Ingredients

The salad drawer might be one of the most depressing areas of the fridge. One day, you have all of this fresh lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The next, you’re left with mouldy veg that you have to throw away.

Condensation is a major factor here.

As your salad ingredients chill, they release moisture that gets trapped in the salad drawer. With nowhere to go, that moisture ends up getting absorbed back into the food, where it speeds up the decaying process.

Putting a couple of paper towels in your salad drawer solves the problem!

The towels will absorb the excess moisture, which means your lettuce can stay crisp for a day or two more.

As an added bonus, this helps to keep your fridge a little cleaner too.

Hack #2 – Freeze Your Milk

We know this sounds a little crazy but bear with us.

The key to this is to pour out a little bit of the milk before you pop it into the freezer. As the liquid freezes it will also expand and you don’t want to have a giant milk cube breaking through the bottle.

There are a couple more rules to keep in mind here too.

Only freeze fresh milk. If it’s been open for a couple of days it isn’t a good candidate for freezing.

Also, frozen milk still won’t last forever. You have about four weeks before it goes off though which is a lot longer than usual.

Hack #3 – Keep Your Bananas Together

Splitting your bananas may feel efficient but it also means that you’re killing them a little faster. That stem that they’re all attached to actually helps them to stay ripe for longer! If you pull all of the bananas apart, you’ll lose a few to browning before you get through them all.

Wrap the stem in cling film when you buy the bananas and only break one off when you’re ready to eat it. This little trick will give you an extra 3 to 5 days of ripeness, which means there’s a much higher chance of the fruit getting eaten.

Hack #4 – Chuck An Apple in With the Potatoes

Have you ever sliced into a potato only to get covered in the goopy, stinky mush that a potato becomes when it goes off?

It feels like it takes forever to get rid of that small, doesn’t it?

Weirdly enough, putting an apple in with the potatoes lowers the chances of this happening. And it all comes down to the ethylene gas that the apple produces. Potatoes thrive on this stuff to the point where a single apple could keep a whole bag of potatoes fresh for a couple of extra weeks.

As an aside, the ethylene gas that’s so great for potatoes isn’t as great for your other fruits. Store your apples away from any other fruit in the house and you’ll keep those fruits fresh for longer too.

Hack #5 – Crack Eggs Into an Ice Tray

This is another one that sounds a bit strange but it’s great if you find yourself throwing dozens of eggs away every month.

Just like milk, you can freeze eggs for a few weeks to help them to preserve their freshness. However, this doesn’t work if you keep the eggs in the shells. You need to crack them open and pour them into the little compartments in an ice tray to get this to work.

Add a touch of salt to each to aid in the preservation and then pop the ice tray into the freezer.

Hack #6 – Stop Chilling Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a Mediterranean fruit and they hate the cold. When you put them in the fridge, you’re destroying some of their flavour and you’re damaging the tomatoes themselves.

The best way to store tomatoes is to leave them on the counter. This allows them to use the sun to achieve the maximum level of ripeness so that they’re ready for whatever you need them for.

By the way, this “No Fridge” rule also goes for onions and potatoes. Neither does well when chilled.

Hack #7 – Fresh Herbs Need Water

What are herbs?

They’re just plants that you use to season food. And like all plants, they thrive in water.

That means you can treat them just like the bunch of flowers that you have sitting on the windowsill!

Put a little water in a glass, pop your herbs inside, and leave them on the windowsill. The water will keep them fresh and ready for when you need them.

The Final Word

With these clever little hacks, you’ll keep your fresh foods for a little longer, which means less waste for the house.

Plus, it means that all of these foods are ready for when you want to eat them alongside some of our chilled halal meats! Check out our range today and stock your fridge with some of the tastiest chilled meats around.