Keeping Your Kitchen Clean – Five Tips

Kitchen Clean Image

At Najma Foods, we can vouch for the quality of our halal chilled meats.

But a dirty kitchen can make taint even the freshest of foods. Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is absolutely essential.

Of course, you know that already.

What we’re going to do here is share a few tips that may make keeping the kitchen clean a little easier. And that means better and healthier food for your entire family.

Tip #1 – Empty the Sink and Dishwasher Before Cooking

This is such a simple tip, but it’s one that many people ignore.

Just think what you end up doing with your dirty dishes if the dishwasher and sink are full. You pile them up on the counter, which gives bacteria the chance to spread. And you’re creating even more work for yourself.

It’s best to keep the dishwasher and sink empty when you start cooking. That way, everything that you use goes straight into the most sanitary place possible.

And of course, don’t forget to actually clean the dishes afterwards.

Tip #2 – Always Wash the Sink

This is another cleaning tip that’s so easy to forget.

You spend 10 minutes getting rid of all of the grime that’s collected on your dishes. They’re absolutely spotless as they go back into the cupboards.

And then you leave the kitchen.

That means you’ve got a sink full of all of the grime that you just wiped off the dishes. And that’s creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Always give your sink a quick clean after using it. It only takes a minute and it’s going to save you a lot of grief.

Tip #3 – Do a Monthly Check of Your Utensils

Over time, your knives, pots, pans, and other utensils undergo a lot of wear and tear. They stain, get burned, go blunt, and may even start to develop rust.

This is all stuff that you need to keep a handle on if you’re going to keep a clean kitchen.

Run through your stock of utensils about once per month. You should also check the stuff that you haven’t used.

Clean up where you can and throw out anything that might present a risk to the food that you prepare.

Tip #4 – Care For Your Cutting Boards

A wooden cutting board will also undergo a lot of wear and tear. This can make them a danger as large cracks leave plenty of space for bacteria to fester.

It’s a good idea to give them a liberal coating of oil about once per month to keep them in good condition.

Tip #5 – Empty the Rubbish

We’ve all done this one.

Instead of taking out the rubbish, we just stuff more into an already straining bag.

Again, you get the bacteria problem whenever you leave rubbish in the bin for too long. All of that food waste from a few days ago could even start to present a health hazard.

Don’t stuff rubbish into the bin. Empty the bin as soon as it gets full so you can keep a lid on potential contaminants.

With these tips, you’ll keep your kitchen that little bit cleaner. And that means you can fully enjoy the gorgeous range of halal chilled meats that Najma Foods offer.