The Little Kitchen Hacks That Make Cooking a Bit Easier

Maybe you consider yourself something of a dab hand around the kitchen. Or perhaps you’re the sort of person who gets flustered at the mere thought of turning on the stove and preparing a meal.

Alternatively, you could just be the sort of person who wants to make the most out of their kitchen space.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve got some useful kitchen hacks for you, starting with…

Hack #1 – Use Flour For More Than Baking

Got a bunch of stainless-steel surfaces and you don’t want to use chemical cleaners on them? A spot of flour is all you need to get those surfaces shining. Just put a bit of flour onto a microfibre cloth, buff the surface, and then give it a rinse. You’ll be shocked at just how much of a shine you create with something that every house has in the kitchen cupboards.

Hack #2 – Melt Without the Mess

Have you ever tried to melt butter in the microwave only to find yourself with a nasty mess to clean up afterwards?

There’s a simple solution.

Pop your stick of butter into a microwaveable container and then use the wrapping that it came in as a cover. It’s quick, easy, and gets rid of the splatter. Of course, just make sure that the wrapper doesn’t have any aluminium or tin in it before you power up that microwave.

Hack #3 – Soften the Taste of Onion

We all know that onions can give that extra sense of flavour to a dish. But at the same time, onions can taste pretty strong. If you find the bitterness overwhelming, there’s a simple hack that will help you along.

Just slice, dice, or chop your onion however you prefer. Then, pop it into a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. The water has a diluting effect on the strong flavour, so you still get what you’re looking for but it’s not as overpowering as it used to be.

Hack #4 – Avoid Sponge Mildew

Sponges may not be the most expensive things in the world, but it would be nice if they lasted a little longer before they got that nasty coat of mildew that forces you to throw them away.

That mildew comes from rinsing the sponge under water and leaving it to dry on its own on the sink. If you want it to last a little longer, just use a clip, like the one you’d find on a clipboard. This keeps the sponge standing upright and slightly elevated from the pool of water that collects underneath it as it dries.

Hack #5 – Carrots Take Away Acidity

Trying to create that perfect homemade tomato sauce but finding that it always tastes acidic? A single carrot may be the solution to your problems. Just peel the carrot and pop it into the sauce the simmer. The carrot absorbs the acidity, leaving you with a tasty sauce to spread on anything.

Just make sure you remove the carrot before serving!

Hack #6 – Getting Rid of Broth Fat

A good broth can add tons of flavour to a dish. However, it’s always a hassle trying to get rid of the fat so that you end up with maximum flavour.

Your fridge gives you an easy solution here.

Pop the broth in the fridge for a while and you should notice that the fat hardens at the top. Now, you just need to peel it away, reheat the broth, and you’re good to go.

Hack #7 – Fast Blender Cleaning

You love those fruit smoothies in the morning. But what you don’t love is having to take the entire blender apart just so that you can clean the container.

You don’t have to.

Finish up with whatever you’re blending and then just add a little warm water and dish cleaner to the blender. Turn it on and voila. You have a nice clean blender that’s almost ready to go again. Just give it a quick rinse and you no longer have to try and scrub away at those hard to reach places.

Hack #8 – Easy Slicing

Have you ever found yourself hacking away at a nice cake until you’re left with nothing but a crumbly mess? It’s so frustrating and it never even seems to matter how sharp your knife is.

Well…we have a hack to stop that hacking!

Just run your knife under hot water for a minute or so and then quickly dry it off. Have you ever heard of the phrase “like a hot knife through butter”? Well now you have a hot knife that makes slicing cake easier than ever.

Hack #9 – Chill/Heat Your Plates

You’ve set up your buffet and you’re ready to go with the party. But before you know it, all of the foods at room temperature. You’re going to have to reheat or rechill to make sure it all tastes like it should.

Or, you could solve the problem before it starts. Before dishing up, pop your dishes in the fridge or heat them up in the stove, depending on what you’re going to put inside them. The temperature of the dish will keep the food that it contains where it needs to be for longer.

Hack #10 – Don’t Bother With The Cooking

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