The Perfect Sandwich – You Won’t Make it if You Make These Mistakes

Perfect Sandwich Image

The halal chilled meats we offer at Najma Foods are absolutely perfect for making an amazing sandwich.

But you’re not going to get the most out of that glorious mix of bread and meat if you’re making mistakes along the way.

Not getting good quality ingredients is the first mistake that many make. Thankfully, you solve that little problem the moment you buy one of our packets of chilled meats.

Now, we’re going to look at a few other mistakes that you might be making.

Mistake #1 – Using Damp Green

It’s common sense to wash your greens before you use them. You’re looking to get rid of any bacteria and make sure the sandwich is as fresh as possible.

The mistake lies in just throwing the damp greens onto the sandwich. The bread ends up getting moist and the sandwich loses its structure.

Give the greens a little time to dry off before you use them. That’s how you get that fresh crispness with each bite.

Mistake #2 – Putting the Spread on the Bread

Talking of moist bread, you’re creating even more problems for yourself if you apply your spread directly onto the bread.

That bread’s just going to absorb all of the moisture in the spread. And again, you end up with a sandwich that doesn’t hold up when you start eating.

Always put the spread on top of an ingredient. Ideally, it’ll go between the greens and the meat so that it doesn’t touch the bread.

Mistake #3 – Uneven Slices

You want your slices to be as even as possible so that you don’t end up with lumps of meat in one area and absolutely nothing in another.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this with the Najma range. You get even and properly measured slices with every packet.

Just make sure you’re not stacking the sandwich on one end and leaving it bare on the other.

Mistake #4 – Making it Too Big

We all like the idea of having a huge sandwich that’s stacked with every ingredient that we can think to add to it.

But the truth is that a massive sandwich is also a massive bother to eat. Two slices of bread can only hold so much. If you stack too much into the sandwich, half of the ingredients will just fall out once you start taking bites.

As a general rule of thumb, anything that requires you to practically unhinge your jaw is too big.

Mistake #5 – There’s no Seasoning

Your greens are a vital addition if you want the sandwich to be as nutritious as possible.

But let’s face it…they can be a little boring.

Solve the problem by applying some light seasoning to any veg that you use. Don’t go too heavy or you’ll take away from the flavours. But a little sprinkle of salt and pepper could give the sandwich just the kick that it needs.

Get Your Meats Today

Now, you know how to avoid the mistakes that ruin a sandwich.

All that’s left is to get your halal chilled meats. Check out our range and then find a store near you.