It’s Time for Chicken Sausage! – The Best Sausage Dishes to Try Today

We already know what you’re thinking…

“I can’t have sausage! It’s not halal! Why on Earth are the Najma Foods team about to tell me about a bunch of sausage dishes that I can’t even have?”

Not so fast there! It’s totally possible for you to enjoy some sausage with your meals. And that’s because we’ve recently added spectacular chicken sausages to the Najma Foods range. These tasty sausages are halal and mean that you can enjoy a huge range of dishes that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of trying before.

What are those dishes?

Let’s run through a few favourites that could be yours if you buy our halal chicken sausages today.

The Classic Hotdog

Let’s start with something super simple – the hotdog. A favourite of concessions stands the world over, making a hot dog is as simple as popping a sausage into a hotdog bun.

But that’s a little boring.

We recommend adding a little bit of ketchup and mustard into the mix to give your hotdog and extra tangy taste. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a healthy heaping of fried onions. This may not be the healthiest meal around. But when you’re taking your first bite into that juicy hotdog, you’re probably not going to care.

And of course, there are plenty of variations on the classic hotdog that you can experiment with. You could cook up a batch of beef chili and combine it with your chicken sausages for a meaty (and spicy) delight. Or perhaps you can add a healthy serving of melted cheese or garlic butter to give those sausages a soaking. It’s the simplest dish around but there’s so much that you can do to make it your own.

The Full English Breakfast

Here’s another one that’s likely been off the menu for many of you for a long time. After all, a Full English requires both sausage and bacon if you’re going to do it right.

We have you covered for both.

Of course, the chicken sausages that we’ve already talked about will feature in this dish. But what you may not know is that we can also give you your bacon fix. The Najma Foods range also includes rashers of turkey bacon to go alongside your chicken sausage.

Once you have those meats, all you need then are some baked beans, tasty mushrooms, a fried tomato, eggs, and toast. Finally, you can enjoy a Full English without having to worry about whether your meat’s halal-friendly.

Bangers and Mash

And here we have another English classic that our chicken sausages make accessible to those who’ve avoided it in the past – bangers and mash.

This is as simple as a dish can get. Cook your sausages, make some mashed potato, lump it all together, perhaps with a little gravy, and you have your meal. This is a carbohydrate fan’s dream and there’s something so tasty about this classic and simple meal. You can knock it up in no time at all and it’ll leave you with a gorgeous warm feeling in your belly once the winter months come rolling in.

Of course, you can also add a few herbs into the mix and some butter in your mash to give it that extra rich and creamy texture. And some people put their own twist on the dish by creating a sausage and potato bake instead. But however you slice it, the combination of chicken sausage and mashed potato is one that you really can’t beat.

Chicken in Blankets

Pigs in blankets are a Christmas favourite for millions of families throughout the UK. Of course, there’s also absolutely nothing halal about them, which means they won’t find their way onto the plates of any Muslim families.

Sub out the pork sausages for our chicken ones and grab yourself another portion of our turkey rashers. Now, you’ve got chicken in blankets that tastes absolutely amazing.

Of course, you’re not thinking that you can’t possibly manage a full-sized sausage for what it’s usually a quick mouthful. That’s why we have our mini chicken sausages, which are ideal for buffets and bringing something new to a Christmas classic at the same time!

Sausage and Egg Baps

Maybe the idea of knocking up a Full English isn’t that appealing to you. You’re not a heavy eater at breakfast time so you want something simpler.

We have another classic her with the sausage and egg bap. And again, it’s super simple. Cook your sausages, fry up a couple, of eggs, pile it all into a bap, and you have your meal. Ketchup and brown sauce are optional, though definitely recommend. And if you really want to pack the bap out, you can again add a few of our turkey rashers into the mix.

Toad in the Hole

The English have done a lot with their sausages over the years. With Toad in the Hole, you have a combination of two English classics into one tasty dish. This is simply some sausages packed into a healthy heaping of Yorkshire Pudding batter.

Pour a little chicken gravy over the top and prepare some veg and you have another classic English meal that’s perfect for those cold winter nights. If you’re a little sad about the sun starting to disappear, grab a little toad in the hole to warm you up.

The Final Word

It’s time to add some sausages in your life.

No longer do you have to avoid this classic food because it’s typically made using pork. With our chicken sausages, you have a halal option that’s ideal for so many dishes. And like all of our halal meats, you’re more than welcome to heat them up and enjoy them warm, as well as eating them cold.

Of course, we have so much more to offer than some amazing sausages. The entire Najma Foods range offers you the very best in halal chilled meats. Find out where you can grab some Najma goodness today.