Tips for Creating the Perfect Buffet

Buffet Image

You have a whole bunch of family and friends coming over. It’s a full on party, so you’re not going to be able to cook a proper meal for everybody.

A buffet is a far better solution!

You may think that it’s as simple as putting out a few finger foods and a set of paper plates. But there’s an art to a good buffet. Use these tips to lay out a spread that’s sure to keep all of your guests happy.

Tip #1 – Create a Logical Start and End Point

You want a person’s progression from one end of the buffet to the other to make sense. There’s no use starting with cheeses, throwing some desserts in the middle, and then ending with a bunch of sandwiches that use Najma’s chilled halal meats.

That’s just going to confuse people.

Set your buffet out as though it’s a three-course meal.

Start with the small finger foods, such as cocktail sausages and crisps. Move into the sandwiches, pizzas, and other “mains” that make up the bulk of a buffet meal. Place cheeses and other side dishes at the end, along with your condiments.

As for desserts…it’s probably best to keep them on another table altogether. That way, people who are ready for dessert don’t have to wade through a queue of people choosing from the rest of the buffet food.

Tip #2 – Keep the Drinks Separate

Picture the scene.

Somebody grabs a plastic cup and tries to balance it in between the various plates on the buffet table. They grab a big bottle of pop and start pouring.

The plastic cup tips over and spills its contents all over the sandwiches.

Now, you’ve got a ruined buffet on your hands. Or at the very least, you’ve got a few items that you’re going to have to take off the menu.

Much like the desserts, you should give the drinks their own table. It’s also worth checking on this table over the course of the buffet. It’s likely going to accumulate little spills as the event wears on so you may need to clean up every so often.

Tip #3 – Start With Plates and End With Cutlery

Imagine trying to grab a plate, a knife, a fork, and a spoon right at the start of the buffet line.

It just doesn’t work. Your hands end up completely full, which means you can’t grab any food to put on your plate. You try to balance the cutlery on the plate as you shovel food onto it, but things start slipping and sliding around.

There’s a simple rule with buffets. Start with the plates and end with the cutlery.

This ensures that everyone who passes through the buffet has a free hand that they can use to fill their plate. When they get to the end of the table, they can grab their cutlery safe in the knowledge that they have all of the food they need.

And that’s how to set up the ideal buffet. All you need now are some amazing foods. Najma offers a range of chilled halal meats that are ideal for sandwiches, tapas selections, and so much more. Check them out today.