Tips for Finding Halal Foods Abroad

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While we provide a great range of chilled halal meats, which are available in several mainstream supermarkets, we also realise that you won’t always have access to our products. When you travel abroad, you’re going to need to find another source of good halal food.

We want to ensure you stay halal on your travels, so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you in your search.

Tip #1 – Visit the Local Mosque

All Muslim travellers should take some time to find the local mosque. Not only does it serve as a great place to find advice, but it also offers you somewhere to pray and reflect on your journey.

Speak to the local population at the mosque and ask about where you can buy halal foods. They’ll often be able to point you in the direction of local providers, as well as some restaurants that specialise in halal products.

Tip #2 – Download an App

Modern technology has made travel so much easier for Muslims. There are apps for practically everything that you may need when you’re away from home.

That goes for finding halal foods too. You can find apps that point you in the direction of local restaurants, such as the Halal Trip app. The Scan Halal can even check a product’s barcode for you to let you know if it’s halal.

Of course, this tip comes with one major disadvantage – data charges. You may not always be able to use apps when you’re on your travels because of the cost of the internet. Still, they’re an option for emergency situations, or if you’re on a mobile phone tariff that allows for the use of 4G internet overseas.

Tip #3 – Stick to Veggies

We know that there are a lot of meat lovers out there. However, if the above two tips don’t help you to find a source of halal meat, there are still ways to stay halal on your travels. One of those is to stick to a vegetarian diet for the duration of your trip.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always halal, so you don’t have to worry about doing any research before buying them. This also means that you can buy from practically any vendor too, which makes shopping for food a lot easier.

However, you must be wary of any processed products. It’s possible that some of these may use ingredients that aren’t considered halal. It’s a rarity, as animal products shouldn’t find their way into vegetarian dishes, but you mustn’t assume.

Tip #4 – Bring Your Own Soap and Cutlery

You can’t always guarantee that the soaps used to clean your cutlery are halal. They may contain haram ingredients that thwart your efforts to stay halal on your travels.

The easiest solution to this is to pack your own halal soaps and to use them to wash your own cutlery. This is preferable to using hotel cutlery, especially if the hotel doesn’t have halal certification. It’s not so much of an issue if you eat at a halal restaurant, as they establishment should already use the correct soaps in that case.

Travelling while staying halal can prevent a few issues. Hopefully, this tips will help you to achieve it. Of course, we’re here to serve all of those who need chilled halal meats for the home. Check our range today to see what we have to offer.