Tips for Hosting Muslim Guests at a Dinner Party

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A dinner party gives you the chance to bond with people over some amazing food. That’s why it’s been a staple type of social gathering for so many years.

Each guest brings something unique to the table, which means you need to take care when catering for your guests. That’s especially the case when you invite somebody of the Islamic faith to the occasion. There are certain dietary restrictions to keep in mind and you may have to ensure that the food you serve is halal.

How do you make the night a success? Follow these tips to create an awesome evening.

Tip #1 – Don’t be Afraid to Ask

You don’t have to go it alone when organising your dinner party. Your Muslim guests are also a great source of information in regards to the sorts of foods to serve.

This is actually a tip that extends to every guest at the party. Talk to people beforehand and find out what they can and can’t eat. Find out if they have any particular favourites that you might be able to build a menu around.

You can get some basic ideas that you can build upon on your own.

Tip #2 – You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Other Guests Happiness

Don’t immediately assume that having one Muslim guest means that you need to make the entire dinner party halal friendly. For example, you don’t have to avoid serving wine to your guests because you have a Muslim present. Just make sure that you have plenty of alternatives for your Islamic friends to choose from, as alcohol is strictly haram.

You may have to make a little extra effort with the dishes that you prepare though. You can’t create a big meat dish for everybody that doesn’t use halal meat. Your Muslim friend will also have to avoid pork and other pig-based products. Be mindful of these facts when creating your menu and provide alternatives if needed.

Tip #3 – Finding Halal Food

You may worry about finding halal food for the occasion.

Halal isn’t quite as restrictive as you may believe. Pretty much every type of fruit and vegetable that you can think of is halal, so you don’t have to worry about anything in that department.

It’s just the meat that you use that may present a problem. Look for meat products that identify themselves as halal or buy from a butcher who specialises in halal meats.

Don’t automatically assume that because a product says that it’s halal that it actually is. Look for certifications from a governing body of some description to confirm that the product has been made in accordance with the guidelines. You can also check out our previous posts to learn more about those guidelines.

The Final Word

You have to take a little extra care when you have someone of the Islamic faith attending your dinner party. But that doesn’t mean you have to make wholesale changes. As long as you understand the tenets of halal and help your guest to stick to them, you’ve done your job.

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