Tips for Speeding up the Dreaded Washing Up

You’ve had a bunch of friends over and enjoyed an amazing time together. The conversation flowed and the food, which we’re sure contained plenty of our chilled halal meats, went down an absolute treat.

And now you’re left with all of the dirty dishes and cutlery.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a dishwasher at home. You can just pop all of that stuff inside and let the machine do its work.

But what about all of us who have to do it by hand? How can you make the task go a little faster so you can get back to enjoying your evening?

Here are a few tips to help you along.

Tag Team Them

Yes, it seems so simple.

And yet, so many of us slave over the dishes without a helping hand in sight.

Of course, you’re not going to have people piling into the sink to all wash at once. But you could have somebody handling the drying duties for you. Perhaps you could have a third person putting everything away as its cleaned.

The job gets done so much quicker. Plus, you get to have a little bit of fun while you’re doing it.

Use the Right Washing Up Liquid

It’s tempting to go for the cheaper bottle when you’re shopping.

But when you start cleaning, you find out exactly why you only spent pennies on the bottle. It takes almost half of the thing to get some suds going. And when you try to wipe a plate down, the liquid just doesn’t seem to cut through the grime.

As an added bonus, look for anything that contains lactic acid. This has antibacterial properties that allow it to get rid of grime and leave your plates sparkling clean.

Scrap and Rinse

It’s also tempting to just jump straight into the washing if you’re trying to get the task done quickly.

But if you do that, you’ll soon find that you’re dealing with dirty water. That just means you’ve got to waste more time on filling the sink back up. Plus, you waste water and washing up liquid.

Always scrape and rinse before you wash. Get rid of any big bits of food build up and use the rinse to wash away any particles that aren’t stuck to the plate.

It takes a little time at first. But you’ll find you get through the actual washing so much quicker.

Use a Proper Sponge

Again, you can get those tiny little sponges from supermarkets for very little money.

But when it comes time to use them, you find that they get dwarfed in your hand and don’t do a great job of cleaning.

You’re looking for a big sponge that can cover a larger surface area with each scrub. And of course, you want it to have a scouring side so that you can rub away at any stubborn bits of grime.

Of course, Najma’s range of chilled halal meats don’t require a ton of cleaning up. Perhaps prevention is the best way to make the washing up go faster. Check out our range today.