Tips for Storing Chilled Meat Safely

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Here at Najma Foods, we offer a wide range of chilled meat products that go well with all sorts of meal ideas.

But we also know that many of you won’t eat every bit of meat in the package right away. Eating an entire chorizo during the course of a night may be a bit too much for many of you to stomach. Asa result, you may want to store your chilled meats for use at a later date.

But that raises an issue. Storing meats in the wrong place, or for too long, can lead to them going off. This can cause a variety of health issues, such as food poisoning, in the unaware.

That’s why we’ve written this article. Here are some tips for storing chilled meats safely after having opened the packet.

Always Check the Use By Date

Every chilled meat product from Najma Foods has a use by date. As the name implies, this is the latest date by which you should have consumed the product.

Always check this date before you put one of our chilled meats back in the fridge. Moreover, check the date again before you eat whatever you’ve left over. If today’s date is later than the date on the package, don’t risk eating the meat. It may have started to spoil.

Protect the Meat

Obviously, you’ll have to store your meats back in the fridge to ensure they don’t go off. But you also have to consider everything else in the fridge. Moreover, storing meats without any sort of covering exposes them to more air, which leads to them going off quickly.

So, what do you do?

Clingfilm often offers a good solution in these cases. You can keep the meat in the packaging and reseal it tightly with Clingfilm. This prevents the meat from being exposed to its surroundings and potentially picking up, or even spreading, contaminants through the fridge.

Alternatively, you could place the meats in a Tupperware container. This achieves the same goal as the Clingfilm.

Proper protection prevents the meat from going off and also means that you protect everything else that’s in the fridge.

Finally, do not store out products with raw meats. All Najma Foods products have been pre-cooked, which means that contaminants can spread to them from raw meats.

Maintaining Your Fridge

It’s not just the food that you should keep an eye on when storing. You also need to ensure the fridge is in the proper condition.

Firstly, make sure that the temperature is no more than 5 degrees Celsius. Any higher and the meat will spoil, regardless of how well you protect it. Of course, going below 0 degrees Celsius means that you end up freezing the fridge’s contents, which is another thing that you want to avoid.

Finally, keep the inside of the fridge as clean as possible. Clean up any grime or spills that collect in the fridge over time. Moreover, make sure to promptly remove any other food items that have gone past their use by dates. Storing your meats around foods that have gone off raises the possibility of cross-contamination, even if the meat itself is within its use by date.