Why We Love Parsley

Wafer thin Turkey with herbs Nov 17

We use all sorts of extra ingredients to give our range of halal chilled foods a little extra kick. If you’re a fan of our Wafer Thin Turkey with Herbs, you’ll have noticed that we use a lot of parsley to give the turkey a unique taste.

So, why did we choose parsley as the main herb for this product?

It’s actually one of the healthiest herbs on the market. When combined with protein-heavy halal poultry, it helps to create nutritionally-rich meals that your body will love.

Here’s what’s so great about parsley.

It’s High in Antioxidants

We’ve spoken about antioxidants in foods before. These little flavonoids offer several benefits to your body.

Parsley contains a whole range of them, including lycopene, beta-carotene, and luteolin.

Combined, these antioxidants combat the effects that free radicals have on your body. This means that they can slow the signs of ageing and may even be able to combat inflammation. Moreover, free radicals play a role in a range of age-based health issues, such as cancer and heart disease. If you have a lot of antioxidants in your diet, you’re actively combatting something that could cause you problems later on in life.

Parsley also reduces the levels of oxidative stress that your body undergoes. This stress marker is another important indicator of your body’s condition.

Parsley Fights Bloating

We all hate that bloated feeling that can come from eating a meal. At best, it makes us feel like we’re carrying more weight than we are. At worst, bloating can cause severe discomfort that makes it hard to go about your daily activities.

That’s where parsley can help. Studies have shown that the herb has diuretic properties, which means it gets rid of any excess water weight that your body is carrying. This water is one of the prime causes of bloating.

Simply put, eating lots of parsley leads to you going to the toilet more often so you can get rid of the water that’s leading to that bloated feeling.

It Keeps Your Kidney’s Healthy

Your kidneys are vital to the healthy functioning of your body. They help to remove waste and water from your body, so keeping them healthy means that you deal with fewer toxins floating around in there.

Parsley does a great job of boosting your kidney health. Its anti-inflammatory properties have a soothing effect on your kidneys, which lowers the risk of developing kidney stones. It can also aid your kidneys in their efforts to dispel the toxins that are in your bloodstream.

Parsley Helps With Digestion

Your body needs a bit of a helping hand to produce the gastric juices that its enzymes need to do their job properly.

Parsley spurs on this gastric juice production. As a result, your enzymes work better in terms of how they deal with the other foods that you eat. This leads to overall better digestion while ensuring that your body gets more nutritional value out of your food.

Do you think you need more parsley in your diet? Najma Foods can help. Check out our Halal Wafer Thin Turkey with Herbs to get your parsley fix today.