What does ‘Najma’ mean?

Najma means ‘star’ in the Arabic language and can also be used as a girl’s name. We fell in love with it as we know the significance of the star symbol in Islam and also the importance of quality which a star resembles in the food industry.

Are your products all Halal?

Yes, we work closely with all our approved suppliers who are certified by various halal accreditation bodies. We have certifications from The Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE), Halal Certification Germany (HCG) and Halal Food & Quality in Spain.

Is your meat stunned?

We follow the Islamic values of treating all animals with kindness and compassion.  To ensure the welfare of the animals, we do use recoverable stunning prior to slaughter.  This is in accordance to the specific rules set out by the Islamic faith and under supervision of our European Halal certifying bodies:

-The Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE)

-Halal Certification Germany (HCG)

-Halal Food & Quality in Spain

Why are your products only available in selected retail stores?

A wide range of Najma products are available in over 400 Supermarkets. Please be patient as our distribution is growing steadily. Make sure you check out our store locator feature to find your nearest stockists. If your favourite products are not available, please speak to your local store Manager.

I have a great idea for a product, what do I do?

We would love to hear from you! Please get in touch and email us: info@najmafoods.co.uk